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High Security Mesh Panel Pro-sure 358 Fencing

This mesh fencing is for high security applications, though is also often used for lower security applications for peace of mind.  The mesh used is a 75 x 12.5 x 4mm fabric (commonly termed 358 mesh) and these very small apertures mean that it is not possible for any would-be intruder to get a finger or toe hold for climbing, or indeed for getting a cutting tool into.

In security terms, high security mesh panel fencing has two specific advantages over palisade which, in certain situations, may make it a better solutions:

  • It can be higher- up to 6 metres (palisade is 4 metres)
  • Like palisade it is difficult to climb, but unlike palisade it is impossible to pass most objects through it because of the small mesh size
Posts are made from steel hollow sections to suit the height of the mesh fence panels, with the mesh overlapped and secured with full length clamp bars and security fixings. 

As with all mesh fencing systems from Procter Fencing Systems, finish for both posts and the 358 fencing mesh panels is galvanised and polyester coated in any one of a wide range of standard RAL colours, with non-standard colours are also being available as required.

358 Profile Mesh PanelDownload Pro-sure 358 Mesh Panel Fence 54.74 Kb

The height of our Pro-sure 358 Mesh High Security Fencing can be up to five metres, with the minimum being 2m.
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