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Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates 

Automatic Gates and Automatic Sliding Gates

The design, manufacture and installation of electric gates for industrial, commercial and educational premises is a real speciality for us.  This is partly because we have our own dedicated manufacturing facility, so we're not restricted in any way on the type and specification of the gate we recommend, and in all cases it will be driven by our customer's site requirements - not what's convenient to us.  

In very broad terms, our automatic gates can be separated into three main types: 

  • Automatic swing gates 
  • Automatic cantilever sliding gates
  • Automatic tracked sliding gates

The benefits of automatic gates

automatic gates
Automatic Tracked Palisade Gates


For smaller gates and in particular for small swing gates, having them as manual operation is often an acceptable option.  However, powered electric gates become necessary for larger gates due to their weight, plus having them automatic allows for remote operation, or for the operation to be automated.  Remote or automated operation can be reasons in their own right to have electric gates (so even for a small gate which could be easily manually opened) if the security of a site was such that the gate required control over its access. 

In addition, an automatic electric gate will often allow for a better use of manpower, because it can be operated by one person - either right by the gate or remotely - who can then have other tasks to perform.  Whereas a manual gate, and certainly on sites with almost continual access, is likely to need a member of staff permanently assigned to the task.   


Automatic Sliding Gates

Procter have many years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing automatic sliding gates.


Automatic Swing Gates

automatic swing gates

Automatic Swing Gates

Our automatic electric swing gates are in place and fully operational at industrial, commercial and utility sites right across the UK.  Generally, our automatic swing gates can be separated into four main styles:

  • Welded mesh automatic swing gates
  • Palisade automatic swing gates
  • Balustrade automatic swing gates
  • Ornamental automatic swing gates

However, any type of bespoke electric swing gate is achievable for us to manufacture, so if what you have in mind isn't among those listed above, then contact us to discuss your exact requirements.  Once the basic style of gate is determined, other factors we will take into account as part of agreeing the final specification would include: 

  • Level of security required, with this having a bearing on a number of elements including gauges of material, gate height, additional features such as vertical extensions for barbed wire, electric pulse fence etc.
  • Related to the above will be the type of access control - e.g. automated or remote control etc.
  • Choice of single or double leaf gates
  • The visual appearance of the automatic swing gate - high security doesn't have to mean it isn't aesthetically attractive

On the last point, some of our automatic swing gates have been designed to be highly decorative, and in both traditional and more contemporary designs.  In this respect, the design of the automatic gates can take into account the style of the adjoining fence or the architectural style of a building the gates are there to protect. 


Sliding Gate with Customer Logo

Branding of Automatic Gates

The colour of the gates can be matched as necessary, and adding a logo is very straight forward for us.  Read how we can apply your logo to almost any gate design.  


Safety of Automatic gates

automatic swing gates

Automatic Ornamental Gates

At Procter Fencing Systems we put a huge emphasis on the safety aspect of all our automatic electric gates, and indeed the safety measures we put in place will typically exceed the legal requirements.  These measures include 'safe edges' to ensure the gate's motion reverses if it comes into contact with a person or object, light beams which detect a person or vehicle and will again reverse the gate's motion, and flashing lights to clearly show the gate is in operation.  These are just general measures, and in all cases we carry out a risk assessment to fully take into account site-specific circumstances before determining all the safety elements the gate will require so it can be fully compliant with HSE requirements and CE marked.  Read more about the requirements for powered gates safety and watch our Video that demonstrates typical safety features.


Maintenance of Automatic gates

We are also able to provide a maintenance agreement to ensure your powered electric gate is kept fully operational and safety compliant.


Fast installation of Automatic Gates

Installation of automatic entrance gates - on a busy operational site - could, potentially, be very disruptive.  At Procter Fencing systems we fully understand this, so there are three main steps we take to minimise disruption:

  1. Deliver the gate to site in a form which is as much complete as it's possible to be and already factory tested for operation and safety functions
  2. Be fully prepared on site for the arrival of the gate - e.g. pre-prepared concrete bases, power supply and fixing points
  3. Expertly manage the installation with our highly skilled team.  Typically, powered gates can be installed on to prepared bases and commissioned within one working day.  To see an example, watch our Video of a pair of sliding gates

Talk to us about your automatic gate requirements - you'll be dealing with the experts

At Procter Fencing Systems we pride ourselves on delivering a first-class service from the minute you first make contact, right through to the completion of the installation - provided of course we're able to secure your business (we certainly never take that for granted).  We have an approved Quality Management System to ISO9001 which has been assessed through National Quality Assurance, but it's also about our working culture which we believe makes us good to work with.   So even if your powered gate project is currently just a possibility or you'd like to find out some technical information, please contact us now to find out more or arrange a site survey.  

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