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Data Centre chooses Procter Contracts to provide high-security perimeter fencing

Cantilevered Gate
Cantilevered Gate
Double leaf entrance gate
Double leaf entrance gate
Double mesh gate
Double mesh gate
Pro-sure 358 high security fence
Pro-sure 358 high security fence

slough data centre


LD6 data centre, Slough

Installation/Pro-sure 358

Products provided
Pro-sure 358/Mesh and cantilever gates

High-security & Utilities 

The Problem
The purpose-built LD6 facility is in the heart of Europe's largest financial market and has direct connectivity to the London Internet Exchange (LINX), one of the world's largest Internet Exchanges.

Due to the state of the art technology and highly sensitive data stored within the facility, a comprehensive security plan identified the requirement for high-security perimeter fencing to protect against present day threats of trespass, sabotage and terrorism. 

The Solution
A team of experts from Procter Contracts were tasked with protecting the 86,000 square foot facility and advised on the use of high-security perimeter protection.  

Our team understood that designing effective security solutions requires in-depth knowledge and experience of minimising the potential risks and threats of a given site. This assessment identified the potential security issues and resulted in Pro-sure 358 fencing being installed to make sure the rigorous security requirements were met. 

The Result
The installed secure perimeter fencing around the data centre enabled the client to meet the highest security requirements required to operate its business. 

Specifically designed for high-security applications, Pro-sure 358 high-security fencing consists of 76.2mm x 12.7mm mesh. This meant that not only would it be impossible for would-be trespassers to get a foothold or wire-cutters in the fence, the improved through visibility enabled the area on the other side of the fence to be monitored easily. 

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