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Download Procter Fencing Systems Free literature including product and service Brochures; Product Data Sheets, Case Studies to show different applications of Fencing and Gates from our extensive portfolio, Fencing Specifier's Guides for you to find information and guidance on the most suitable products and regulations relevant to your application and how to plan and carry out a successful fencing project.

Specifier's Guides

Procter offers free guides to help Specifiers choose the correct Fencing Systems for each application.  The Procter fencing team has expertise and knowledge of perimeter security, school fencing and fencing for sports ground which are shared in these guides.  There are also useful guides for high security fencing and guides for architects, as well as a tool for selecting the appropriate fence.  Please browse our wide selection of guides after login (if you are already registered), or take 30 seconds to register first.  

All Round Protection*

Perimeter security fencing is the first line of defence around an organisation's premises and is therefore vitally important. Furthermore, it is a significant factor in the first impression made on a visitor, whether they are welcome or unwelcome.  

What many people do not realise is just how complex the subject of perimeter security is today.   Not only are there legal requirements to be met, but each application has its own needs - so the solution to the problem is different in every case.  

This specifier's guide to perimeter security fencing explains the different options available, presents and advantages and limitations of each, and steers the reader towards making the right decision that will provide the necessary level of security at an acceptable cost and without compromising other area such as aesthetics.  Read All Round Protection online.  

Fencing for Schools*

School security is a multi-faceted subject.  As well as parents expecting their children to be safe from intruders, schools want to prevent truancy by controlling when and where children can leave.  In addition, the personal safety of staff and visitors is of considerable concern to Local Education Authorities (LEAs).  Today's schools also contain valuable and portable property that is attractive to thieves, and arson is a significant problem that can, to a large extent, be tackled by preventing unauthorised access.  However, schools have to remain an attractive learning environment, and LEAs are being encouraged to open their schools to the wider community.  Given the importance of fencing and the complexity of the context, this specifier's guide to perimeter security fencing for schools explains the different options available, presents the advantages and limitations of each, and steers the reader towards making the right decision that will provide the necessary level of security at an acceptable cost and without compromising other area such as aesthetics.  Read Fencing for Schools online.  

Fencing for Sports Grounds*

Sports ground fencing enables participants to enjoy sports without presenting a nuisance or hazard to neighbours.  Sports ground fencing achieves the following: Prevents balls straying, so maintains the flow of the game and prevents activities from becoming a nuisance for neighbours or a hazard to road users; Prevents all but determined intruders from gaining access for unauthorised use of sports ground; Prevents access by animals such as dogs, foxes and rabbits that can foul sports grounds; Enhances the appearance of sports facilities; Boundary demarcation.  Read Sports Ground Fencing Guide online.  

Fencing Architects' Guide*

Procter Fencing Systems is offering a new Free Guide for architects that explains the differences between alternative types of fencing and how to strike the right balance between security, aesthetics, durability and cost.  This truly useful publication includes a list of current standards for fencing and fencing materials, plus it covers associated topics such as gates, barriers, installation and complementary security measures.  Download your FREE Architects' Guide now or Read Arhictects' Fencing Guide online.  

Fencing Selector*

Given the wide choice of fencing types on the market, it can be difficult to select the right one for a given application.  There is a fine balance to be struck between security and cost, yet for many applications the issue of aesthetics must also be taken into account.   

Whenever perimeter fencing is specified, it should be done on the basis of risk; this will ensure that adequate security is provided without money being wasted on unnecessary measures.  

The Fencing Selector, developed by Procter Fencing Systems, uses a risk-based approach to help specifiers identify the level of security required.  The Selector then recommends suitable fencing types and, where appropriate, additional security features.  Easy to use, the utility is based on an Excel spreadsheet (though no knowledge of Excel is required), with drop-down menus, images, descriptions and links to the website where additional information is available for the different types of products and systems.  

Guide to High Security Perimeter Protection*

For premises requiring high security the choice of fencing is more restricted than for general applications, as only certain types meet the necessary standards.  Furthermore, it is essential to consider security as a whole, so the fencing may well be complemented by other security features such as electric fence systems, CCTV and perimeter intruder detection systems (PIDS).  

Facilities managers, security managers and other responsible for specifying perimeter security need to be aware of the issues, including how to understand the site requirements, standards relating to security fencing, and the different types of fencing and additional security features.  

This specifier's guide provides the information required clearly and concisely, thereby helping readers to understand their needs and specify high-security perimeter protection measures that will deliver the requisite level of security without money being wasted on unnecessary features.  Read Guide to High-Security Perimeter Protection online.  

Perimeter Fencing White Paper*

This White Paper 'Planning a fencing project' provides a wealth of hints and tips for people new to fencing projects and those who are experienced but who want to minimise costs.  There is much more to specifying fencing than is often realised, and making mistakes can result in fences that cost more than they should or fail to meet the requirements.  The secret to success lies in careful planning, so download the White Paper now to benefit from the free advice.  Read Perimeter Fencing White Paper online.  

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