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High-security fencing resources on free CD from Procter Fencing Systems

Pro-sure 358 Fence PS001

Procter Fencing Systems is offering a free CD of high-security fencing resources and other information relating to high-security perimeter protection.

Guide to High-Security Perimeter Protection published by Procter Fencing Systems. The Guide explains this complex subject clearly and concisely to enable specifiers, facilities managers, security managers and consultants to identify the optimum security measures for particular premises and threats. It covers not only high-security fencing, barriers and gates, but also electric fencing and additional security measures such as access controls, CCTV and intrusion detection systems. In addition, the Guide has a table of British, European and International Standards applicable to perimeter security, and lists of useful resources and sources of further information.

Also included on the CD of high-security fencing resources is a Security Fencing Selector utility that helps users to select the best fencing and, where necessary, associated security measures. Factors taken into account by the Fencing Selector include the security threat, potential consequences of a security breach, frequency of intrusion attempts, costs and aesthetics. Easy to use by experts and non-experts alike, the Fencing Selector can also be applied to projects requiring lower levels of security.

Two White Papers on the CD are entitled 'How to specify sliding gates' and 'Safety requirements for powered sliding gates'. As their titles suggest, these relate to sliding gates, which are often specified on high-security projects due to their inherent integrity and the ease with which access controls can be incorporated. Sliding gates are available with an extensive choice of options, so the first White Paper guides readers through the complex process of specifying sliding gates, thereby helping to ensure that the gates will perform as intended, are safe to use and are economical to purchase and maintain.

The second White Paper focuses on the critical subject of safety. Unless powered sliding gates are correctly specified, designed, manufactured, installed and maintained, they have the potential to present a risk to users. This White Paper therefore explains the safety and legal issues about which architects, specifiers and users need to be aware.

Contact Procter Fencing Systems to request a copy of the free CD of high-security fencing resources or to discuss any requirements for high-security fencing and gates. Telephone or email [email protected].

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