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Fencing, Railings and Gates Design Service

Procter Design Service offers bespoke designs for fencing, railings and gates for customers when a perimeter fencing system looks can be important for some projects, with or without a high level of security requirement.  Often if might just be the case of colour matching to the building the fencing is protecting, but for some projects designing, manufacturing and installing entirely bespoke fencing is needed - something we are very much geared-up to do.  

The site survey combined with the requirements of the customer will establish the degree to which aesthetics need to be taken into account for the fencing, and we will respond to this accordingly.  

As an independent business and as we are not tied to any particular type of fencing and therefore can always ensure our customers get the right fencing solution, it is clearly important that we have a first-rate design service to accommodate an almost endless number of options.  

Our design service for fencing and gates is something we are very proud of, and CAD drawings can be provided for variations on relatively standard options such as palisade fencing, through to highly individual bespoke railings, steel fences and all types of both hinged and sliding gates. 

All Procter fencing, railing and gate designs are provided based on actual site measurements that we will have taken at the technical consultation and site survey stage.  


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