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Detailed Fencing Proposals with No Hidden Cost

fence and gate free proposalsFully detailed and costed proposals are provided from the site survey, architect's designs, contractors' bills of quantity, or from our own designs where more bespoke solutions are required. 

Budget prices can also be provided, but in all cases we never try and hide 'hidden extras'.  Therefore our customers can deal with us in confidence because they will know what the true cost of the project will be.  

We do of course fully understand that the optimum solution for a fencing project might also be an expensive one - even with our highly competitive prices.  So to fully understanding what cost parameters exist at the earliest stage of a project allows us to only propose a solution which can be afforded within the project budget.

These are the key principles we work to for all proposals and to ensure our customers get the best possible value for money: 

  • By using our highly qualified and experienced Company Buyer and combining this with the huge buying power a company the size of Procter Fencing Systems commands, we ensure that our prices are very keen and highly competitive. 
  • We tailor every quotation to the individual customer's needs - e.g. whether the customer is looking for a budget cost, a full set of bill of quantities, or a complete tender pack (which is emailed and hard copy sent in the post).
  • In all cases, we ensure the quotation always has total clarity.   
​At Procter Fencing Systems we view the detailed proposal element of a potential fencing project as very important, and fully understand that the quality of the proposal reflects the wider approach we take as a business. To give you a fast and comprehensive proposal for your requirements including supply and installation, please complete the details below and attach any relevant docs. Thank you

Send us your design or the pic of your site where the fences are required (2Mb pdf/jpg/png/gif)

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Send us your design or the pic of your site where the fences are required (2Mb pdf/jpg/png/gif)